The God-Talk Club Series

Note (November 29, 2014): I’m reviving it, and I’m keeping the chronology real. The group has broken up and is getting back together a bit over three years later. (Expect a link to the first revival story here shortly! And here it is, the first revival story. It’s a two parter. Here’s the link to part 1: The God-Talk Club and the Gay Guitarist – I.)

This is some basic information on this series of stories. I want to warn you that this will be almost entirely dialog on religious topics with some wandering into politics. I want to practice writing some dialog and presenting it as well as expressing various viewpoints in a sympathetic way. The first entry in the series, The God-Talk Club is Born simply introduces some characters and gives hints as to their beliefs.

I will introduce at least two more characters in the next couple of stories (I already have them outlined, and will also provide more information as we go.) I will put entries here on the characters, but will only include information on them that has come up in the stories thus far.

Important Note: None of the characters represent my views. In the long run I intend to give them all sympathetic moments in the discussion and have all of them have some bad days. If you think I’ve slanted a story to a particular point of view, I’d love to hear about it. I’m sure I will fail of balance in many stories, but I hope that overall it will look pretty fair.

Mark Morton – Seminary student of uncertain convictions. He’s not even sure he wants to be a minister, but he’s going to work on it. Age, 20s.

Jerry Simonson – Identifies himself as evangelical Presbyterian, and is a Sunday School teacher and elder in his church. He is a conservative evangelical. Middle age to late middle age.

McKenzie “Mac” Strong – non-Christian skeptic. Very little more has been revealed about her yet. Age: 30s.

Mandy Kelly – Homeschooling housewife of moderately liberal persuasion (4 children). [Update] Girl 15, working on 12th grade, Son 12, already on 9th grade material, 10 year old boy in 5th grade and a seven year old in 3rd grade. Age: 40s.

Rev. Justine Reeder – charismatic preacher who is working on a Master of Divinity at “the seminary.”

Bob Norman – high school biology teacher, single.

Ellen – waitress. Despite good intentions on some people’s part, the group still doesn’t know her last name or treat her with respect.

The Seminary – shall remain nameless. It’s a moderately liberal seminary associated with a mainline denomination.

The Roadside Cafe – originally a cafe associated with a service station, which has slowly transformed itself into a gathering place for students, some faculty and folks from the community who eat, talk, and very occasionally work.

  1. The God-Talk Club is Born.
  2. The God-Talk Club: Tornadoes!
  3. The God-Talk Club: Homeschooling
  4. The God-Talk Club: Voting I
  5. The God-Talk Club: Including the Waitress
  6. Justine and the Prophets
  7. I Want My SUV
  8. The God-Talk Club and the She-Bears
  9. The God-Talk Club and the NIV2011
  10. The God-Talk Club and Haiti
  11. The God-Talk Club and the Gay Guitarist – I
  12. The God-Talk Club and the Gay Guitarist – II

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