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Religion, Philosophy and Politics

This is a general page which is an overview of my religious and political writings and opinions (see Papers and Essays for a more comprehensive list) and inflict them on the general public. The one common thread is that I have either written these or selected them. In most cases, someone has asked me a question related to the content of the paper. Select any link to jump directly to these topics.

I have several other pages I maintain elsewhere, and the following box will permit you to link to my other pages which deal with those topics.

So I can avoid repeating what I have said elsewhere, these are my other pages:

Henry's Web

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Specific Information/Links

Henry Neufeld's Personal Page Who Am I?

Writing Blog

Bible Study Blog

Religion and Society Blog

Computer Services Blog

Links for Research on Religion

Henry Neufeld's Computer Services Page Activities
Tiglath Pileser III's Throneroom
(An ancient near eastern history page, with a touch of dark humor)
Kairos Timeline Applet
An applet I wrote for displaying historical events in time relationship.
(My Amateur Radio Page)


I am a libertarian and an advocate of civil liberties. I am especially in favor of separation of church and state. I believe that teaching religion is the job of churches, synagogues, mosques and other religious or private non-religious organizations. I don't think state sponsored prayers are of any value.

I do want to make clear also that I support free speech for the students in public schools, including their religious speech, limited by the discipline and educational needs of the school.

The Libertarian Party

American Civil Liberties Union

Americans United for Separation of Church and State

The Citizens Internet Empowerment Coalition

Henry's web essays cover topics on religion, philosophy and politics

A Selection of My Writings on the Bible, Biblical Inerrancy and Bible Translations.
Note: For a more comprehensive list, please see Papers and Essays

Translation and Notes on the Two Creation Stories of Genesis
This is my translation along with some color coding and notes on the first two chapters of Genesis. This is not a complete exposition of those passages, but rather serves to illustrate some other material I have said and written on the topic.

The Jesus Quest: The Third Search for the Jew of Nazareth
Review of Ben Witherington's book published by IVP. This is an excellent overview from the conservative perspective. See also Bibliography for the Search for the Historical Jesus.

The Participatory Study Method
The very most basic outline of the participatory study method possible. This method is designed to allow beginners to work deeper and deeper into the text without getting overwhelmed at the start. See also I Want to Study the Bible for more information.

The Seals of Revelation
Another college paper, this time my first look at revising my views of how to understand the book of Revelation. Paper presented in 1979.

The Invisible War
A review and response to "The Invisible War" by the late Dr. Donald Grey Barnhouse. I discuss some serious issues of Biblical interpretation in looking at Dr. Barnhouse's approach to scripture.

Biblical Inspiration - My statement on Biblical inspiration. For all those who wonder how I can be a Bible teacher and not believe that the Bible is the inerrant word of God, neither in translation nor in the autographs, this is my answer.

Revival - Benefits and Dangers - A thought paper on revivals with particular focus on Brownsville Assembly of God.

Stand on the Mount Before the Lord
A short essay on prayer and listening to God.

My Personal Testimony
This isn't a general, technical article, but rather my personal expression of religious faith. Fair warning!


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Thoughts on Religion in the world
Participatory Bible Study Blog
How-to articles and Bible studies
Pacesetters Bible School Newsletter
Pacesetters Bible School news and articles
The Jevlir Caravansary
Fiction book reviews, poetry, short stories
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