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One of the points I have tried to make in my series regarding the books Seven Marks of a New Testament Church, Thrive: Spiritual Habits of Transforming Congregations, and Transforming Acts: Acts of the Apostles as a 21st Century Gospel is that one can follow these “Jesus principles” of church leadership under many different formal […]

Church (From My Twitter Fee

"Church" has become an organization that devours time and resources rather than a way of living that structures and empowers everything.

— Henry Neufeld (@hneufeld) July 25, 2016

Ham in My Hash Browns

Ham in my hash browns!


Nearly 20 years ago a waitress at a well-known breakfast chain messed up my order for hash browns by adding diced ham.

If you don’t find anything odd about that sentence, you are, perhaps, a candidate for counseling. But I digress.

I had wanted jalapeños, onions, mushrooms, and cheese. I got all […]

The Bible Was Not Written to You

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I’ve discussed this before, and discussed it both in my books When People Speak for God and Not Ashamed of the Gospel: Confessions of a Liberal Charismatic. I was asked after my Sunday School lesson last Sunday whether Zephaniah’s prophecy in 3:1-8 applied to America.

Let me annoy everyone: No and Yes.


In Defense of the Ordinary

Any work is a vocation

In preparing for my Sunday School lesson tomorrow I read some very high sounding words about settling for less: pleasure rather than joy, vengeance rather than justice, sentiment rather than beauty, and so forth. The source was N. T. Wright, quoted in the introduction to the Cokesbury Adult Bible Studies Uniform Series for the Summer […]

Let the Children Interrupt

Children under a tree


This past Sunday the lesson was from Luke 18:15-17, Jesus blessing the children. Saturday evening, as I was thinking about this, a local church was promoting their variety of children’s programs and how that showed their care for the children. I know it’s probably unkind of me, but I was not impressed.


Pastor Searches and Job Interviews


Church politics is necessary. Even those who most avoid it live with it. What we must work toward is a way of making decisions in the church that isn’t just a pale reflection of the way things are done in the world.

One of the ways we create a pale reflection is by doing what […]

Questions and Parables: Grace in Luke 17



Today Pat Badstibner of World Prayr published a post on the World Prayr Devotional blog picturesquely titled The Law Is Not Soggy Cornflakes. In it, Pat finds a number of purposes for the law, even, and perhaps especially, for those living under grace.

If we look to the law as the means of […]

They’re Bad so We’re Good



Recent political discourse reminds me of the parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector:

9 He also told this parable to some who trusted in themselves that they were righteous and regarded others with contempt: 10 “Two men went up to the temple to pray, one a Pharisee and the other […]

A Classic Quote from My Blog: Being Wrong

I’ve been wrong before, am quite probably wrong about many things right now, and I suspect I will go right on being wrong until I die.

From What Embarrasses Me about Christianity.

Yep. Just checked. No reason to believe I’m not still wrong about bunches of things.