Seven Marks: Genuine Relationships

The fourth mark of a New Testament church that Dave Black finds in Acts he calls genuine relationships. The early believers devoted themselves to the fellowship, to their community. There are so many words for it.

In America today we rarely think of the church as a community and even more rarely as our community. […]

Quote – Allegiance to God’s Realm

From Bob Cornwall posting on the Energion Discussion Network:

I realize that some might find this affirmation of God’s realm a bit disconcerting. They might think that I’m recommending some kind of theocracy. In a way, I am, but not in the usual way of thinking. This isn’t a divine government imposed by an earthly […]

Eschatology: Resurrection and Life after Death

I’ll be tackling this rather intense topic tonight and likely failing to hold it down and get it under control! Following the event I will post more resources.

Informational Link: What Does It Mean to Survive Death?

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Quote of the Day – Judging the Experience of Others

Since I’ve been talking about Seventh-day Adventists starting yesterday, due to the date, I thought I’d use an Ellen G. White quote. A friend called my attention to this today in a phone conversation.

Every association of life calls for the exercise of self-control, forbearance, and sympathy. We differ so widely in disposition, habits, education, […]

Adventists, Other Christians, and The Great Disappointment


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Substantially changing beliefs have been a defining characteristic of my life. That may be hard to comprehend. It’s even hard to write in a grammatical form. This admission makes some people uncomfortable. Why should they listen to me now, if I have already changed what I may have believed and advocated decades, years, […]

What Is Biblical Literacy?

Bibles on top of each other

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We complain about it, write about it, claim it’s important or even critical, design programs to create it, but what is it?

I don’t mean that none of us know what we mean when we say “biblically literate” or “biblically illiterate,” but do we all mean the same […]

Seven Marks: Excursus on Change

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One of the most interesting and troubling things I’ve found about myself and my church (any of the churches of which I’ve been a member!) is the number of things we know we should do and even decide we will do, but which never get done. Seven Marks of a New Testament Church is certainly […]

What Does It Mean to Survive Death?


In my Eschatology study last Thursday (Oct. 15, 2015) I tried to answer an audience question. Here it is:

Is the sense of the presence of Jesus today dependent on the historical Jesus surviving death? Or, is it more like the presence of a departed parent that lingers after death?

And here’s the video, set […]

Hey Folks, I Shrunk the Gospel!

Well, I didn’t do it alone, but I don’t think I can plead completely “not guilty.”

Tonight at 7 pm (about a half hour from when I’m posting this), I’ll be interviewing Lee Wyatt, author of the new book The Incredible Shrinking Gospel. Join me!

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Distinguishing Process Theology and Open Theism

Garden Time

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I have been asked whether I accept open theism or process theology. The fact is that I accept extreme uncertainty about the way God relates to space and time, but that I think the process theologians come closer to the way the Bible story seems to read while […]