From My Editing Work: Personal Salvation vs the Social Gospel

From Seven Marks of a New Testament Church by David Alan Black, p. 6:

In the fourth place, evangelism in the New Testament was always characterized by genuine concern for the social needs of the lost. When I was in seminary, a good deal of distrust existed between those who emphasized personal salvation in evangelism [...]

The Biggest Divide in Christianity

… according to me, of course!

I’m sitting here doing page layout on My Life Story by Becky Lynn Black. As I was doing that, I read small portions. I don’t read much while I’m doing page layout. What the text says is less important than how it will look, so my brain is in [...]

Value of Long and Short Term Missions

Eddie Arthur comments with a link and provides some valuable advice. I grew up with my parents on long term missions, and have been on a number of short term missions myself, and this resonates.

Soup Kitchen for the Soul or How I Learn from Authors

I am frequently amazed by our authors at Energion Publications. I suppose that other editors and owners are likewise amazed, but I think we have a very special group. Just the other day I received notice from an author that he had signed his contract, but that he wanted to donate his royalties to our [...]

Losing Our Sense of Mission

When it rains it pours, so I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about mission lately, and here’s another one that raises some very interesting points. (HT: Kouyanet).

Having served on and led short-term mission teams, grown up with long-term missionary parents, and served on mission committees, I find that a great deal of this [...]

Dave Black on Worship and Missional Theology

Some important thoughts.

Link: The Gospel and Social Justice

T. E. Hanna (discovered via Facebook) has a guest post by Dana Bruxvoort titled Why the Gospel Without Justice Isn’t the Gospel. While the title caught my attention, phrases like “filling in the holes in my gospel” and “doing nothing was no longer an option.”

Missions not optional? Let’s spread that idea far and wide!


Starting with the Local Congregation – or with Me

Dave Black responded to my previous post on the United Methodist Church by referring to some thoughts he has had on his own denomination. I want to quote them here, since Dave’s blog doesn’t make linking to a particular entry possible.

7:55 AM Noted Methodist blogger Henry Neufeld ponders the question, How to [...]

Is the Church Dead?

This blogger thinks so. I think he has a point.

Quote of the Day – Chicken Sandwiches or Daily Bread

From Allan R. Bevere (author of The Politics of Witness):

[W]e Christians in America need to ponder the reality that while we were arguing over eating chicken sandwiches this past week, that there were people in many parts of the world who were, at the very same time, hoping only for a morsel of daily [...]