The Sunday School Squeeze II

I had chosen to lead into Isaiah 61 by starting with Luke 4:16ff, but I only got to the end of 4:16, “stood up to read.” I don’t work well with these schedules.

The Sunday School Squeeze

This morning I have:

Isaiah 61 as my scripture 45 minutes of teaching time

Something’s gotta give!

Canada for President



As a dual citizen, I had to appreciate this:

Here are the favorable/unfavorable ratings in the new national NBC/WSJ poll

— Mark Murray (@mmurraypolitics) September 21, 2016

via Note: I read their Significant Digits every day. Great site.

C. S. Lewis on Dogs and Cats

Yes, he had an opinion:

To Mary Willis Shelburne (3/21/1955): “We were talking about Cats & Dogs the other day & decided that both have consciences but the dog, being an honest, humble person, always has a bad one, but the Cat is a Pharisee and always has a good one. When he sits and […]

What the Greek REALLY Says!

This was so good I had to embed it!

The Very Model of a Biblical Philologist

Too funny! (Hat tip: Jim West)

Three Little Pigs

With a hat tip to Jacob Cerone. I nearly died laughing.

Patently False Church Sign

I was stopped at a light and saw this church sign. Yep! I did! I grabbed my cell phone and took a picture. (It was a long red!)

It’s nonsense.

It’s a particularly bad use of the slippery slope argument.

A free society depends on us permitting things that we do not promote. I permit […]

Cats Stealing Dog Beds

Because y’all have nothing better to do!

Stuff Christians Say

Well, sort of …


If you talk like this, consider a change!

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