What the Greek REALLY Says!

This was so good I had to embed it!

The Very Model of a Biblical Philologist

Too funny! (Hat tip: Jim West)

Three Little Pigs

With a hat tip to Jacob Cerone. I nearly died laughing.

Patently False Church Sign

I was stopped at a light and saw this church sign. Yep! I did! I grabbed my cell phone and took a picture. (It was a long red!)

It’s nonsense.

It’s a particularly bad use of the slippery slope argument.

A free society depends on us permitting things that we do not promote. I permit […]

Cats Stealing Dog Beds

Because y’all have nothing better to do!

Stuff Christians Say

Well, sort of …


If you talk like this, consider a change!

HT: The Internet Monk

The March of the What?

In French, the title of The March of the Penguins was La Marche de l’Empereur (The March of the Emperor). Knowing that, behold, an ad for the film shown on French television.


HT: Why Evolution is True.

I Want My Canine Chauffeur

Don’t believe me? Check here for video. (HT: Dave Black Online)

Bad Time of Year for a Black Cat

(HT: Why Evolution is True)

Biblical Numerology and Texts without Context Gone Berserk

… and that title may be too soft.

Nonetheless those with a sense of humor should get a few good laughs from this. One keeps hoping it’s a spoof, but it doesn’t appear to be. This is so not what Revelation is about!