Voting in Local Elections

voting 082614

I voted yesterday in the Florida primary. Despite being registered as independent (I oppose recognition of specific political parties by the government) I had one local election in which I was eligible to vote. So I did. I always do. I also like to actually go to a polling place on election day in order [...]

Is Killing Every One of Them Really Our Only Option?

I saw a Facebook post that claims that in the light of the beheading of U. S. journalist James Foley our only option is to hunt down and kill every one of them as soon as possible.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a pacifist. I believe acts of violence and even war [...]

Our Emphasis in Responding to Issues in Society

I burden my post with a somewhat long title, but it could be longer. The question is where do I put my focus when I respond to what is going on today. Now many readers are going to make assumptions as to what my beliefs are on the issues I use as examples, but I’m [...]

A Muslim Comment on the Mariam Yahya Ibrahim Ishag Case

From time to time I hear the question regarding some act of terrorism, or by some act of a Muslim government: Where is the Muslim outrage?

I first want to note that I find measuring online outrage to be a somewhat hopeless task. I am outraged at many things that I never manage to mention [...]

On Partisan Criticism and Excuses

When President Obama was elected in 2008, I commented to Jody that I would now have to listen to over-the-top complaints from a completely different group of friends than I had over the previous eight years.

I’m no apologist for George W. Bush. I just don’t think he was as bad as so many of [...]

Jesus Is Not on Your Side

I’ve been watching the responses to Bill O’Reilly’s book Killing Jesus. Note that I said I was following the responses. I haven’t read the book and don’t intend to. I can’t stand listening to its author and I don’t feel any obligation to subject myself to reading his words. My attitude parallels Allan Bevere’s.

I [...]

Syria: To Intervene or Not

Religion News Service provides us with some comments by the experts on the ethics of intervening in Syria (HT: UM-Insight). Now I am neither a theologian nor an ethicist, so I wouldn’t claim to be able to parse all the issues in deciding whether an intervention is just.

In fact, I find many of the [...]

Robert Reich on Immigration

Robert Reich exposes some myths about immigration. I’d have a couple of quibbles (I wish “myth” weren’t used in this way, for one thing), but they wouldn’t change the overall result. This is why I don’t worry about immigration. In fact, our paranoia about immigration costs more than immigration, in my view. I favor treating [...]

Colbert Discovers the Real Strategy Behind Data Mining

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Confirmation Bias?

Allan Bevere writes about the way we tend to see much more corruption in the opposing party than in our own.