The Flawed Way People Read Polls



Here’s your illustration. Liberals loved Nate Silver because he calculated that Barack Obama would win the presidency, among other things. Conservatives didn’t like him so much. Now conservatives are pointing to the poor odds, though 60-40 is a ratio many politicians would covet.

I love Nate Silver not because of who he […]

Canada for President



As a dual citizen, I had to appreciate this:

Here are the favorable/unfavorable ratings in the new national NBC/WSJ poll

— Mark Murray (@mmurraypolitics) September 21, 2016

via Note: I read their Significant Digits every day. Great site.

Self-Demonstrating Statements

Well, only if you blog them.

Yesterday I wrote about checking the truth of what we post on social media, (though I was more interested in us checking the truth of what we share about one another personally), and today I note that a post by Ed Brayton (Dispatches from the Culture Wars), written by […]

Of Politics, Cats, Context, and Church

Cheena the Cat

The other day I was browsing through my Facebook feed, which I do only occasionally, and becoming more and more annoyed at the politics posts. It’s not that I don’t care about politics; I do. It’s that I don’t like very much of what anyone says about politics on social media.

As I browsed, I […]

What It Takes to Get Bi-Partisan Action from Congress


Ticket scalping. Civilization will surely fall if they don’t get together on this one!

An Election for the 90s


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Our crop of candidates, all parties and all levels are admirably intellectually equipped to guide our nation through the 1990s.

As an example, one need only look at the incidents of hacking and the response to them. This is only going to get worse. It may not be the next war, […]

Good Poll-Reading Advice from


There’s nothing quite so annoying as hearing people spin the polls.

Voting in the Primary

Well, I am a non-partisan voter, i.e. I am not registered with either of the major parties, and today was primary day here in Florida. I had a grand total of two items to vote on: A county commission race that would be decided by the primary, and an issue to vote on.

Whenever there […]

Courtesy Is not just for the Other Person



Probably as the result of the political correctness debate—well, perhaps not debate; more brouhaha—I hear or read frequent complaints about an expectation of courteous speech as though it’s an imposition. In order to cater to someone’s excessively fragile sensibilities, the argument goes, one is expected to deny the truth in favor of […]

Detecting Plagiarism in a Fantasy Universe



In the good old days when I had time to do fantasy role-playing games, stodgy traditionalists would object that it wasn’t real. Why spend your time on something that isn’t real? This was often said by people who would spend hours watching and discussing football games with approximately the same effect on […]