Courtesy Is not just for the Other Person



Probably as the result of the political correctness debate—well, perhaps not debate; more brouhaha—I hear or read frequent complaints about an expectation of courteous speech as though it’s an imposition. In order to cater to someone’s excessively fragile sensibilities, the argument goes, one is expected to deny the truth in favor of […]

Detecting Plagiarism in a Fantasy Universe



In the good old days when I had time to do fantasy role-playing games, stodgy traditionalists would object that it wasn’t real. Why spend your time on something that isn’t real? This was often said by people who would spend hours watching and discussing football games with approximately the same effect on […]

Blaming and Sympathizing with Groups

Peace dove


I didn’t want to comment on the murder of 49 people in Orlando, not because I don’t sympathize with the victims or condemn the killing, but because I dislike getting tangled up in politics on this blog.

If a Christian commits an illegal act, we often separate him (or her) from “our” […]

No, I Really Don’t



… have to vote for one of the major party candidates come November.

I’m going to take a break from not posting anything political. I haven’t stayed away from political posting because I think politics is bad and Christians shouldn’t be involved. I welcome the involvement of everyone in politics. For me, it […]

Reading for Election Year

politics books

The day after the Iowa caucuses I’m left to wonder how I could have gotten so uninterested in politics. I have been fascinated by government as long as I can remember, and when I turned 18 and could vote I not only registered immediately, I also started working as a precinct worker for a presidential […]

Yes, Your Religious Group SHOULD Be Subject to Analysis and Criticism

no accountability

… and so should mine.

There are quite a number of ideas that I believe are quite good when practiced voluntarily, and become dangerous and destructive when backed by force. For example, let’s take “political correctness.” Much of what is labelled political correctness is, in my opinion, simple courtesy. Notice the bold text. I think […]

No Crime so Heinous

Fight against terrorism, Special Forces soldier, with assault rifle, police swat

© Martin Šandera | Dreamstime Stock Photos

There is no crime so heinous that we should punish someone who didn’t commit it.

I’ve said this frequently about domestic crime. It seems obvious, but it is also something we forget when somebody has committed a crime and somebody has been accused of the crime. People […]

Nurses, The View, and Confused Values


From, artist bedpanner.

I’m married to a nurse, my mother is a retired nurse, my sister is a nurse (NICU, which puts me in awe of her), and my daughter is in nursing school. It was unlikely I’d miss the discussion of Joy Behar’s comments and the resulting, entirely deserved firestorm, not to […]

Allan Bevere on the Left-Right Continuum

Allan Bevere says that the left-right continuum doesn’t work. He’s citing someone else’s work first, but he’s applying the results to theology and ethics as well as politics.

I use the term moderate to describe both my own politics and faith. This results from my view that there are many different issues with a continuum […]

Against Torture

I think it’s as simple as that. I’m against it.

Energion author Bob Cornwall writes about it, and I agree.

I saw one question that disturbed me, not in that I don’t know how to respond, but in what else it may suggest. The question is whether I’d support torture if an individual knew where […]