Book Notes: Linguistics for Students of New Testament Greek

I try not to call what I do here “reviewing” as I don’t really try to provide an academic review. In fact, I might do better to call these “Ramblings after Reading.” In the case of this book I need to provide an additional caveat. Dave Black is a friend, and I publish several books […]

Greek and Ministry

Thomas Hudgins is teaching Greek, and he thinks students should study with the intention of actually using their Greek in ministry (HT: Dave Black).

I’m delighted to see more and more effort put into this type of teaching. I was very frustrated as a graduate student when I saw how students in the MDiv program […]

Is that Idiom Right?

We all use idioms, mostly unconsciously. There are a number that bother me that are in common usage, such as “I could care less” which developed from the more logical “I couldn’t care less.” But idioms often aren’t about logic. They’re about what people actually say, and what other people understand by what they say.


Some Basic Linguistics

One of the great problems I find in teaching biblical languages, or in explaining Bible translation to lay audiences, is that people don’t understand meaning very well. They assume that words have fixed, narrow ranges of meaning, and that if you search carefully, you can find a word or phrase to precisely represent that word […]

Linguistics and Exegesis – a Link

A Living Sacrifice provides a link to some material on linguistics and exegesis, particularly word studies. The articles are by Benjamin Baxter and are in the McMaster Journal of Theology and Ministry. One is The Meaning of Biblical Words, and the other is Hebrew and Greek Word-Study Fallacies. I highly commend both.

The key element […]

Dave Black: Ten Best Books for Studying New Testament Greek

David Alan Black has posted a new essay, Ten Best Books for Studying New Testament Greek. The majority are books I have read and/or are on my shelves, but there are a couple that are just on my “need to read this list” and a couple more I’m going to add.

I note that when […]

The Biblical Basis for Mission

Eddie Arthur has a fascinating post on language development and mission, particularly relating this question to the language development work of Wycliffe Bible Translators.

I was particularly struck by this paragraph:

An alternative way to view mission is to start with the character and activity of God as revealed across the whole of the Scriptural […]

Word Order and Thinking Order

There’s a new study out dealing with word order that’s fairly interesting. I’m just going to link to a post on this, other than to note that there are a number of serious questions in interpretation. The post is at Not Exactly Rocket Science, which I will add to my blogroll.

Here’s the conclusion: