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Global Christian Perspectives

I'm planning to join Chris Eyre and Elgin Hushbeck on Global Christian Perspectives this afternoon at 4 pm central time. Join us and comment using the Q&A App. The topic that interests me most is talking about the differences between perceptions overseas and as seen here in America. https://www.facebook.com/Energion/posts/1275159415833282 Read More

Dave Black on Paraphrasing in Translation

From Dave Black Online: 10:44 AM I really enjoyed reading Thomas Hudgin's Thinking Past the Glosses. Good Bible translation is scarce, and good Bible translators are even scarcer. Our understanding of Scripture is often hampered by mis- or under-translation. Not a good thing. A good translator is a thinker, first and foremost. He or she… Read More

Reading the CEB

I hope to add the CEB to MyBibleVersion.com soon, but in the meantime, Energion author Bob Cornwall has some comments on it. Read More

New Translation: The Truth

There's a review by Peter Kirk. I haven't seen this one yet. Read More

KJV-Only: The Exclusivity Argument

One of the fundamental assumptions of my book, What's in a Version? is that the Bible should and can be available in any language. Thus the initial chapter starts by asking just what questions onbe might ask if one was deciding how to produce a translation for people who don't have one. Advocates of the… Read More

Churches Rejecting the NIV2011

According to the Christian Post, some major churches are rejecting the NIV2011. Their concern is over accuracy, and particularly "literal accuracy." The article cites Pastor Gregg Matte of Houston's First Baptist Church, and Andrew Werley, pastor of Houston's Jersey Village Baptist Church. “I believe the TNIV or the NIV 2011 revision has drifted from what… Read More

BLT – Bible * Literature * Translation

A view of translation from some different perspectives ... BLT. Read More


Being too picky about Bible translations can drive people away from Bible study. Read More


I've written a brief response to a particularly bad article about The Message over on my Participatory Bible Study Blog. Read More