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Sermon on Bible Translations (History)

John Brunt was one of my professors for my undergraduate program in Biblical Languages at Walla Walla University. He's now a pastor. The embedded sermon is the beginning of a series. The reason I'm including this here is because he goes through some of the history of translation. Many errors regarding Bible translation result from… Read More

Review at The Dubious Disciple

Lee Harmon has reviewed What's in a Version? at The Dubious Disciple. Read More

Michael Patton on Best Bible Version

I like this presentation, though I list some quibbles on my Participatory Bible Study Blog. I would put this up against the line on my book cover: The best Bible version is one you read! Read More

Metzger Essay on the NRSV

Find the link at Near Emmaus. Read More

Note on 1 Thessalonians 5:17

... at my Participatory Bible Study Blog. Read More

Dan Wallace on What Bible You Should Own

I don't weight all the versions precisely as he does, but he provides some excellent guidelines.  Not surprisingly he likes the NET.  I do too, though I don't put it quite as high on my list. Read More

Debating the KJV and Textual Theories

Erik DiVietro suggests respect and coexistence.  While I commend his effort, not to mention his various posts, which are both informative and respectful, I think this is a topic that will always get heated.  The KJV Only position, and those that are perceived to be close to it will tend to bring out a great… Read More

Interview with Ed Blum on the HCSB

The HCSB is not one of my favorites, but in many ways it is not a bad translation.  This interview with general editor Dr. Ed Blum is quite helpful. I would underline Dr. Blum's comments on reading the introduction.  The majority of questions I'm asked about Bible translations and  most of the information I put… Read More

On Lucidity of the Writers and Clear Translation

I've posted two items on my Participatory Bible Study blog, the first on clarity of translation, On Translating to be Understood, and the second on just how clearly we understand the Bible writers in the first place, Paul not Lucid. Read More

New Site Supports What’s in a Version?

This site will support the book What's in a Version? This announcements and discussion area will contain announcements about the book, news of Bible translations that relate to the book's content, and links to useful discussions.  Stop by often, or even better, subscribe to our RSS feed. Read More