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The Contemporary English Version

See our new version detail page on the CEV.

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The Contemporary English Version (CEV) of the Bible is a dynamic equivalency translation that is aimed at those for whom English is a second language, for young people, or for anyone who would prefer reading a Bible which uses a selected, limited vocabulary.

I recommend it also for those who need to read large sections of the Bible quickly in order to get an overview. The edition offered below, The Promise, includes lists of Bible promises. It is printed page wide rather than in columns. I have been very satisfied with the paperback edition.

Buy the Promise Bible (Cev 3490) ~ Ships in 2-3 days; Paperback / Published 1995

Buy The Promise Bible (Cev 3492)Usually ships in 24 hours Hardcover / Published 1995

Contemporary English Version It is a very affordable edition of this wonderful, easy-to-read Bible version.

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