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Books on Intercessory Prayer

Watch for new editions on When 3 to 8 Gather, Directed Paths, and I Want to Pray! all from Energion Publications, coming soon. Also forthcoming 52 weeks of Ordinary People-Extraordinary God, which has 52 daily devotionals taken from our larger Daily Devotions of Ordinary People-Extraordinary God with notes, questions and discussion ideas for small groups.

When 3 to 8 Gather (Student Guide)
I'm not exactly an objective reviewer for this one, since I'm the co-author with Rev. Perry M. Dalton. This is the student guide, extracted from our larger When 3 to 8 Gather leader's guide. You can find more information on these books at: When 3 to 8 Gather on the Pacesetters Bible School site.

Directed Paths
This little book was the result of a conversation with my mother, Myrtle Blabey Neufeld, in which I said that I needed more prayer experiences to relate in discussions about the value of prayer. She responded with two 90 minute tapes of spoken experiences. When I asked her if she could write them down, she responded that she had written them before she taped them. I collected them together and placed them in this little book. (The current link is to the old edition, of which there is only one left at Amazon.com--I don't know for how long! You can read about the new edition which will be available on about January 31, 2005 at Directed Paths.

 Strong Recommendation:

For those involved in intercessory prayer, I consider Dutch Sheets Intercessory Prayer a must read.


Reviews and notes will follow on these books as soon as possible:

The Lost Art of Intercession

Stand in the Gap
How to Prepare for the Coming World Revival.

Digging the Wells of Revival
Reclaiming Your Historic Inheritance Through Prophetic Intercession

Father Forgive Us
Freedom from Yesterday's Sin.

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