Books: The Taken Trilogy

This trilogy by Alan Dean Foster consists of the books Lost and Found, The Light Years Beneath my Feet, and The Candle of Distant Earth.

While I like Alan Dean Foster’s writing generally, though I find much of it much more entertaining than thought-provking (not a bad thing!), I found this trilogy considerably less interesting than the various stories placed in the Humanx Commonwealth. The final volume is the least interesting of the three. It seems to move from triumph to triumph with remarkably little tension for an Alan Dean Foster book.

Those who enjoy Foster will still appreciate the humor and the general sense of fun. There are also quite a number of surprises. We do get a resolution at the end, indicating that this really is a trilogy and not an endless series.

I guess I’ll just have to wait for another book from the Humanx Commonwealth. Meanwhile this is still not bad, just not what I expect and normally get from a master author like Foster.

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