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Audacity Audio Software

In my continuing quest to find excellent open source or freeware applications that I can recommend I ran across the audio editing program Audacity. Well, actually I needed a program to create some MP3 files for a podast (Running Toward the Goal) and after some searching I chose this one.

In any case, I have thus far found it to be an excellent tool, and well worth considering before you either pay money for something you haven’t tests or use one of the random quality sound file editors that come with sound cards. I’m not very sophisticated with audio, but this has made it simple for me to do the type of basic editing I do, such as removing portions of a file to clean it up, converting the file from WAV to MP3 or the reverse, and so forth.

I’ll be adding it to my recommendations for free software.

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  1. mohsen says:

    we are trying to pull a midi song into audacity, but have no luck. any tips?

  2. What version are you using? Have you tried the 1.3.3-beta? I'm just a user, as opposed to one of the developers. For better information, try contacting the developers (here).

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