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Book: Childe Morgan

It has been sometime since I have read a Deryni book. I find this kind of fantasy that’s informed by history quite enjoyable to read, though you’ll not find it on my “read everything that is published” lists.

Childe Morgan rates quite high in terms of characterization (excellent), cultural background (excellent), and political intrigue (excellent). I must admit, however, that the pace of events, especially of any form of action is a bit slow for my tastes. I have to admit to a certain love for reading matter that has exciting events at regular intervals. This book builds the threads of a final confrontation throughout the book, moving slowly and painstakingly through details of the lives of the characters setting up their reactions to that final scene.

Make no mistake, this is a good book, but I have to give it a rating of “3” because I will still read folks like David Weber and David Drake first.

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