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Book: Sherlock Holmes and the Kings’ Governess

Well, I’m a bit behind the times on this series, but I must admit that I have very little liking for continuations of various series by new authors. In this case, however, Barrie Roberts does a very good job of catching Arthur Conan Doyle’s style, and thus, of course, Dr. Watson’s.

We’re taken to London during Queen Victoria’s jubilee, and presented with a character who is almost instantly identifiable as the main character in The King and I. Sherlock Holmes finds himself more in the role of preventing a crime than in solving one, but he has plenty of mysteries on which to demonstrate his skills. I felt that a little less time was spent on the investigating a bit more on the action than I would expect if Doyle were the author, but overall the feel is pretty authentic.

The story itself is fun, but not “I can’t put this down” fascinating. I’ll rate this as a three, but you should regard it as a four if you really like the Holmes style mysteries. It’s just that I’m locked into my ratings, and a three shows where books in this series and by this author will be in my list.

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