Links and Blogroll Additions

I’m always interested in writing blogs and material that can be found free on the web. I found the Crimson Dark web comic today and read a couple of chapters. I don’t think I’ll get addicted, but if you like that style, I think you’ll find much to enjoy there.

I also found Whatever (John Scalzi’s blog), and much material there that looks interesting. I’m going to be checking out some of his books and may comment on that later.

Amongst writing services blogs I found Scroll and Quill, and this post on Steven King was attractive enough that I’ll add that blog to the “writing blogs” section of my blogroll.

So much for the links today.

4 thoughts on “Links and Blogroll Additions

  1. Mark,

    I'm not sure which book you're talking about by "the book" but Steven King's book is on my list now somewhere. I'm more interested in your book on the gospel of Mark, which I found on your other blog.

  2. I meant Stephen King. A lot of my book on Mark is an attempt to popularize Austin Farrar on Mark. Farrar didn't share my exact view of Scripture (I don't think) but he paid attention to details and assumed the story as story was inspired….

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