Book: The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers

One shouldn’t really complain about how much mystery there is in this series, since it’s pure, light fun all the way, but it does seem that we’re getting more and more personality and less and less mystery even within that formula. It’s also too soon for me to be writing notes on another book in this series, but it showed up at the library, so here goes.

Basically these are still light bedtime reading, and as such they work for me, but earlier books had much greater suspense and mystery, while the last couple have tended to slow down. At this point, I read just because I like the characters and the setting and I can manage the light reading time to keep up with their lives, but it would be nice to see Qwill and Koko in a bit more trouble, the kind of trouble that I might have to wonder how they’d get out of.

In any case, we have good characters, we have cats, and we have good background, so I’ll go on reading. Much of what I wrote about The Cat Who Dropped a Bombshell still applies, so having done my complaining, it’s on to the next book.

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