Scheduling Your Writing

There is a great post at Study Hacks about how professional writers schedule their writing.

I find all the suggestions quite useful. I would differ on the precise time of starting, because I have found that doing my morning devotional reading first always helps, and that takes a bit longer. I also have to dedicated the first 45 minutes to an hour of my morning to some business related activities that start my day, including posting the morning devotional, and so forth. This usually starts before 7 AM, and on many days before 6 AM.

Immediately following that I do my devotional reading, which for me can be up to a couple of hours. Thus I get to actual writing, beyond small posts like this, by about 9-10 AM or so. I have tried writing first, but it doesn’t work. I definitely can’t move it to the afternoon, however, or it just plain doesn’t get done.

(HT: the evangelical outpost.)

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