TV Series: Campion

I love British mystery series, in just about any period.  Over the weekend I discovered a new one, to me, though it’s been around for some time and I missed it.  This is Campion, set in the 1930s, with another of those kind of standard eccentric aristocratic detectives, complete with slightly mysterious butler.

I would say this one is a somewhat less humorous (and the detective less eccentric) than the Lord Peter Wimsey stuff.  It’s less about the science of detection than the more modern series like Lynley or Alleyn, though it tends to be a bit more serious like those latter two.

I found myself thoroughly enjoying this series from the start, and I think others will as well.  I’ve created a page on which to place the Amazon.com preview widget which collects Campion and a number of other British mystery and comedy shows I have enjoyed.

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