Movie: War, Inc.

I rarely bother to review something like this, but this one annoyed me so much that I wanted to write about it. If this had been a production for YouTube by a bunch of teenagers, it might be regarded as good. I don’t mean production quality. There were some decent effects for the combat.

But one needs to decide whether to write satire, comedy, a tacky adventure movie, or a political statement. This movie had elements of all of those, but pretty much managed to combine the worst of those elements. It’s not funny for any length of time. Where it is satirical it is overdone, but not overdone well.

It’s hard to like any of the characters even when it looks like the writers intend you to feel sympathy for them.

I’m glad I watched this on the Netflix movies on demand and thus didn’t pay anything extra for it. I rate this a one, with a note that I considered inventing a zero rating just for the occasion.