You Will Have a Son

John the Baptist baptizing Christ
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*“You’re pregnant, and you’re going to have a baby boy.”

Dee Anne looked up from her burger, fries, and coke and saw a woman of ordinary size with long, black hair, and piercing dark eyes. Her hair was braided, and her clothes looked just a bit out of date. She didn’t look entirely crazy, though her gaze was intent and a bit unnerving.

Dee Anne just got her mouth open to respond when the woman continued. “Do you mind if I sit down?” Without waiting for an answer, she sat.

Dee Anne again had her mouth open to speak, but the woman just kept talking. “Oh, no, not a virgin birth.” She waved her hand in front of her face as though brushing away the very idea like a fly. “I know you’re not married.” Both of their eyes moved to the wedding band on Dee Anne’s left hand. “Oh, I know you wear that wedding band to keep people in this conservative town from asking questions, but you’re not married.”

She paused to take a breath, but again Dee Anne only got her mouth open. Before she could speak, the woman continued. “That virgin birth thing was kind of a one time thing. It’s not going to happen that way again. But special births, yes, there are more of those. Like Sampson. He was announced by God’s messenger. And John the Baptist. Yes, that would be a good example. John the Baptist. A child to prepare the way. Children are such a wonderful thing, aren’t they?”

“But I’m on the pill.” Dee Anne hadn’t intended to say anything of the sort. Part of her wanted to tell the crazy woman to get lost. What business was all this of hers anyhow? But instead she said, “I’m on the pill.”

“Well, what are a few little pills to God? Sarah was too old to have a baby. Rebecca was barren. So was Rachel. In any case, I just wanted you to know you’re going to have a son, and that he will be a very special child. God has called him to important work. You should be very careful how you raise him. Make sure he’s healthy in mind and body. Make sure he learns about God and Jesus early.”

“But I don’t even go to church! I’m not sure what I believe.” Again Dee Anne had planned to say something like, “Please leave me alone. I don’t even know you and I think you’re not right.” But she didn’t.

“But you will go to church. In fact, you are especially anointed by God. You have been chosen to bear a new messenger from God, a new servant of Jesus.”

She paused. “Well, that’s it. Now you know.” She got up and walked out of the cafe. Before Dee Anne figured out how to react, she was gone.

Dee Anne couldn’t have explained why she bought the pregnancy test kit. But that night she found herself in her bathroom with the kit in hand, waiting for the strip to change color …

What do you think happened next? If Dee Anne is pregnant, is it significant, or just a coincidence? Why? (Read Judges 13 and Luke 1:5-25.)

*This is a work of fiction. All characters and events are products of my imagination. Copyright © 2010, Henry E. Neufeld.

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