A Path Goes By

A path goes by
Along a gas line bare.
Short grass grows or dies.
Garbage gathers.
The pole stands alone.

Does the pole dream
of rows of poles
carrying telegrams
then phone calls
or perhaps electricity?

Does the pole wonder
why gas flows below
why a person walks by
why a truck dumps trash
why trees grow and die?

It’s just a pole.
It doesn’t care.
I walk on by
and wonder.
And probably forget.

Give the Creator the Credit Due – A Poetic Response to Psalm 148

Give the Creator the credit that’s due.

Shine forth

Distant galaxies
Glowing nebulas
Giant stars
Blackest holes.

Go out

Angels bright
Seraphim flashing
Winds blowing
Flames burning.

Since God is the maker, the builder, designer,
Our lifegiver, ruler, sustainer, refiner.

Learn of him


Tell of him


Give the creator the credit that’s due.

(With additional credit to Psalm 19 and Psalm 104. Featured image credit: Openclipart.org.)

A Sonnet in Response to Psalm 65


By strength you founded mountains high and grand.
You still the roaring seas and streams abate.
From dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn your hand
Brings forth rejoicing, glory crowns your gate.

Your awesome deeds, your valiant acts so great.
Sustain our life, and give your servants care.
A pathway to your temple you create,
All people walk within its pathways fair.

Iniquity, the deeds we sadly dare,
They overwhelm us, past our strength to face.
Yet you forgive us, take us in your care,
Providing joy and welcome in your place.

So praise to you will always be our song.
All glory, honor, strength to you belong.

(Image credit: Openclipart.org. Every so often I like to play with poetic forms. This one is trying to be a Spenserian sonnet. And no, I don’t imagine myself an actual poet.)

Ephesians 2 Haiku

One of the features of my Sunday School class is that we try to respond to the lesson of the day in the form of art, poetry, and stories. So what does one do with Ephesians 2 in terms of art?

I like to experiment, so I read up on Haiku (English forms) and decided to give it a try. I’ve read a bit of Haiku before, but I’ve never tried to write it that I recall.

So here’s my two attempts related to Ephesians 2.

Dying in the cold
Distant life-light given free
Being turns to meet

Dry growth failing, dead
Confusion to infusion
Fusion makes conclusion

Here are my more exegetical notes on the chapter Ephesians 2: The Radical Nature of the Gospel

Seeing God’s Shape

I saw God’s shape
in tall oak tree
in lovely flower
in rising sun
flowing stream
mountain high
ocean wide
when lightning glows
and lightens dark night sky.

I saw God’s shape
in falling branch
in faded bloom
in setting sun
raging flood
volcanic blast
when lightning strikes
and splits and burns and kills.

But did I truly see
God’s shape
in one
in some
in none
or all of these?

(Copyright © 2012, Henry E. Neufeld)