On Christian Fiction – An Interview with Kimberly Gordon
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On Christian Fiction – An Interview with Kimberly Gordon

As editor and publisher at Energion Publications, I have the privilege of working with many authors. Kimberly Gordon has written a number of novels, three of which are published by Energion. Here’s the video of my interview with her. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tv2D3Ehmf4Y Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

What is a Classic?

I’ve posted before on the idea of what is great literature and what is not, and particularly on the tendency of some people to become gatekeepers over the distinction. I personally reject the very idea of reading lists. If people think my reading is eccentric (it is), or that I have not read certain pieces…

Metastory – On Bookselling

I’m always amused by stories about writing or about publishing, or news articles that talk about journalism. Of course, such things must exist, but they still feel funny to me. Cory Doctorow wrote a very good short story for theBookseller titled The story so far . . . and beyond (HT: Cory Doctorow’s craphound.com. It’s…

Not WHAT You Read but HOW

Occasionally one of my Christian acquaintances will question my taste in reading, movies, TV programs, or even games, though having attained 50 years of age, video and other online games are less a part of my life than they used to be. I don’t think their question is inappropriate, but I do very often disagree…