The God-Talk Club – Including the Waitress

[This is a work of fiction, and is part of my God-Talk club series. For more information follow the link.]

Ellen McDonald set the extra large Coke on the table in front of Mark Morton and then sat down herself.

“I hope you won’t get fired for sitting down here with us,” said Mark.

“Oh, I’m not on the clock.”

“So what about this?” Mark pointed at the Coke.

“It’s a Coke, just like you like.”

“Why are you working if you’re not on the clock?”

“Well, I’m not really working. I’m just getting you your drink.” Ellen paused. “I listen to bits and pieces of your conversations, but I can’t really join in. I’d like to hear more.”

“You might even say something once in a while,” said Jerry Simonson. The whole group was gathered, though they hadn’t really gotten started on any topic. There was a long pause in the conversation, as though they couldn’t decide what to talk about.

“If you’re not comfortable with me being here, I’ll go,” said Ellen.

“Oh, absolutely not,” said Jerry.

“Well, we have treated her like part of the furniture,” said Justine. “Sorry, Ellen. We know you’re a person, but it’s easy to ignore the waitress.”

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