Becoming a Better Writer

I’ve been asked by a number of people how to become a better writer. Despite my current publications, I still find myself more in need of advice than I am prepared to offer it, but I do try to help. I don’t know where I first heard it, but what I usually pass on, and largely all I’m able to pass on is the one thing that worked for me, the “ass-on-chair” approach. (Proofreading comment: Also, avoid long, complex sentences such as the preceding one like the plague. And avoid cliches too! Don’t touch them with a ten foot pole!)

For some better and more detailed rules on how to learn to write, see 10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer.

Row of tipping hats: faithmaps blog,, and Church Tech Matters.

Writing Lessons from the Bible

I located this post through preparations for the Christian Carnival #179. Due to the time frame requirements on posts I couldn’t include it in the carnival, but I wanted to call attention to it in any case, as it’s a good post from an interesting blog.

From Savvy Writer: Top Three Writing Lessons from the Bible:

This post is not meant to cause an uproar of any religious sort. In my personal opinion, the Bible is the greatest piece of literature every written. Even if you do not believe what it says is true (which I do), you still have to admit that it is one of the greatest writings of all time. It lasted centuries and it the most sold book. So, what can an aspiring learn from the great writings of the Bible?

Go read the three lessons for yourself.

Links and Blogroll Additions

I’m always interested in writing blogs and material that can be found free on the web. I found the Crimson Dark web comic today and read a couple of chapters. I don’t think I’ll get addicted, but if you like that style, I think you’ll find much to enjoy there.

I also found Whatever (John Scalzi’s blog), and much material there that looks interesting. I’m going to be checking out some of his books and may comment on that later.

Amongst writing services blogs I found Scroll and Quill, and this post on Steven King was attractive enough that I’ll add that blog to the “writing blogs” section of my blogroll.

So much for the links today.

Blog: Cory Doctorow’s

I’m working on locating more interesting writing blogs to include in the blogroll, and here is the first. Cory Doctorow is a professional fiction writer with three novels (that I read about on his blog) and some short stories (including a short story collection). He has another collection coming soon.

He posts a good deal of news on his blog but also some short fiction, including When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth. The link there is to his announcement that the story is appearing in The Rake, along with links to previous podcast entries. I think one would need to be a bit net savvy to enjoy this story, but other than that it’s good fun.

His books are:

I have to say that the first short story didn’t rocket him to the top of my reading list, but it did pique my interest, and I’m definitely going to take a further look at some of the novels and I’ll add his blog to the blogroll.