This is going to be a series of very short entries combining into a story. I’ve assigned myself the task of writing these small sections so that I have to continue the narrative as it is, and don’t have the opportunity to go back and change the facts. It’s fair warning to any readers who may find things choppy that I’m writing this a page or so at a time, and that each entry will only cover a small amount of ground.

Watch the trackbacks for the individual entries. Each story segment will track back to this page.

As in all fiction, any resemblance to any real persons, places or events is strictly unintentional, and in the case of this story set in a fantasy world, such resemblance would be practically miraculous–or imaginary.

Episodes (most recent first)

Tlisli and Village Politics

Tlisli Decides

Tlisli as a Merchant’s Guard

Tlisli Gets a Job

Tlisli – A Lesson in Geography and Politics

Tlisli Argues Strategy

Tlisli – An Inraline Court

Tlisli – The Edge of Civilization

Tlisli – Ambushed!

Tlisli and the Tlazil II

Tlisli and the Tlazil – I

Tlisli: In the Forbidden Ground

Tlisli’s Escape