This is a science fiction series. Unlike the Tlisli series, my plan is to post complete episodes, so the reading will be more regular, less choppy, and each entry will be longer.

The first episode was The Birth of Traitor Tad, which was written before I created this page. Future episodes can be found in the trackbacks from each story.

The story is set in a far future earth that has gone into space, but there is something very weird about the way the government operates. Some of that weirdness results in Tad becoming a traitor.

The Birth of Traitor Tad

A Disorienting Morning

Traitor Tad: Prison Camp

Military Units in Traitor Tad’s Universe

Traitor Tad: A Real Battle

Note: The featured image used for all Traitor Tad stories is a composite made up of a recolored image of an M-1 Abrams tank superimposed over a space sketch. Both are from and I combined them for this story.