Art for Fun, Faith, and Profit

Art for Fun, Faith, and Profit

This is a very different sort of blog entry for me. I’m used to writing heavy and sometimes obscure entries on religion, Biblical studies, or politics for this blog. So bear with me . . .

My wife Jody and I spent a couple of hours today at the Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival in Fairhope, Alabama. This is a wonderful art show that is popular enough with exhibitors and with visitors that they can afford to be selective in who they allow to exhibit. Artists from all over the country come there to show and sell their work. It’s well worth the time to take a good look around.

Henry Neufeld at Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival with Garden Tower

Cheryl FosterOne of the exhibitors at the show is a good friend of ours, Cheryl Foster. Her business is called C. Foster’s. Cheryl is an artist with a whimsical sense of humor and a wonderful talent for expressing it in art. Her art ranges from ugly mermaids–a humor item that I don’t think I quite get (my wife gets it, and so do many others) to fine paintings. Art for just plain fun is a wonderful thing.

Here are some of Cheryl’s paintings on display. Note the presence of Dusty the cat sitting on the chair. You can find out more about Dusty on Cheryl’s web site.

But Cheryl is also a woman of faith, taking as much joy in her faith as in her art. In fact, she also expresses her faith in art. One example of this is her collection of crosses. I have one of these on display in my office, and so do many others among our family and friends.

This time, however, Cheryl has introduced a new concept–Garden Towers, or scripture theme clay towers. The wonderful pieces of artwork take a scriptural theme and express it in art.

Garden Tower, vine and fruit of the Spirit

I am coveting the garden tower that is based both on the vine and branches and the fruit of the Spirit. (I guess that considering it’s about the fruit of the Spirit I should covet it, should I?) 🙂

Noah's Ark Garden Tower
Jody really likes the Noah’s Ark Garden Tower.

And one more picture just to finish this whole description up!

This is Betty Portzer (right), who works with Cheryl, with my wife Jody.

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