Connecticut Senate Race: Good Thing

Connecticut Senate Race: Good Thing

I like following the elections nationwide, and one of the means I use to do it is and their e-mail notifications. This morning, I was reading commentary on the Senate race in Connecticut, Conn. Senate Race Still Likely to Have a Democratic Winner. Of course, that prediction is not terribly difficult to make, assuming one grants that Lieberman is still a Democrat.

I have to say, however, that I don’t like the commentary from either of the major parties, which should be no surprise to those who know me, because I rarely make it a secret that I loathe the parties themselves. I’m registered as an independent not because I don’t care to choose between them, but because I can’t stand being identified with either of them.

So I really don’t care what this primary election does to the Democratic plans for the fall, nor what Republicans think they can spin out of it. I must mention that the Republican spin on this thing is unusually ridiculous, and that’s saying something. Lamont isn’t some kind of odd extremist. He opposes the war in Iraq and thinks his part should take a stand and take action. In this position, he’s with the majority of the American people. I have to note, however, that there are at least a good number of the American people who somehow were dim enough to think the war was going to go better than it has, but that’s the nature of democracy, and one of the best arguments for a representative form of government. The current U. S. congress is one of the best arguments against representative government, but I digress.

But look at the following, from

Lamont’s win came amid strong voter turnout. State Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo said 43 percent of eligible Democrats participated in the state’s first August primary

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