Welcome Chris Eyre

Chris will be posting a series of entries here dealing with the Consider Christianity series. One of the purposes of my publishing company, Energion Publications is to publish materials that start conversations. As a small publisher, I think it’s useful for me to help start the conversations. Chris has been reading the books, and he disagrees with a number of things in them, so I have invited him to present some of these issues in a series of posts. I haven’t put a limit on it. I’m expecting this conversation to be frank and vigorous. I’ll let Chris introduce himself in more detail as he goes along.

Let me remind everyone of my comments policy. I remove spam and anything that appears likely to get me in legal trouble or will get my rated ‘X’. If you stay away from those limitations, you are free to express yourself with some vigor.

I have also set aside some copies of Elgin’s books, both volumes and both study guides, for bloggers who want to get involved in the discussion. I haven’t decided yet on what basis to hand them out, but if you want to comment to this post or e-mail me early with a good reason that you should be one of the folks to get free copies, I’ll certainly give it consideration. The rules that I know of will be that you have a blog on which you comment on religious issues, from any perspective, and that you promise that you will comment on the books on your blog. I know also that I will absolutely not limit the free books to those who are likely to review them favorably. I would like to see bloggers from several perspectives look at these issues. There’s a lot of material in the two volumes, over 400 pages all told, and a number of interesting questions in the study guides.

I’ll come up with detailed rules and then publicize this further at a later date.

Have fun!

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  1. Chris Eyre says:

    Thanks for the welcome, Henry. If I may, I’ll introduce myself briefly here and write in a separate thread about “Consider Christianity”. I’m a liberal, mystic, panentheist Anglican, I’ve been staff on The Religion Forum for over 8 years, and a couple of local churches here are even brave enough to ask me to preach sometimes. My degree is in physics, but I practised as a lawyer until recently. Oh, and I’m English, just in case there are any language difficulties…

  2. What about the previous post? I think it’s an important note as well.

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