Free Christian Apologetics Books to Selected Bloggers

Free Christian Apologetics Books to Selected Bloggers

Chris Eyre has started a series of comments (What Price Apologetics? and Christian Apologetics) on the Consider Christianity Series by Elgin L. Hushbeck, Jr.. Chris is somewhat critical of the series, and I thought he would provide a good starting point for discussion of it. Note that I own the publishing comany (Energion Publications) and that I edited the series. I’ll probably not get too deeply involved in this, because I think that a writer should be immune from getting beaten up by his own editor, and therefore one has to take favorable comments by that same editor with due consideration for his bias.

Those who read this blog regularly should not expect either Chris’s or Elgin’s views to be identical to mine. I think it would be fair to say that Elgin is more conservative, and Chris more liberal, but precisely how much remains for you to discover! I don’t publish either on the web or in print because someone agrees with me, but rather because I think they have something valuable and challenging to say.

Now, for those who have read this far and are still waiting to hear about free books, here’s the deal. I am granting myself five sets of the Consider Christianity series to hand out to bloggers who might like to join this discussion. At first I thought I’d look for the top five entries on apologetics that somehow linked into the discussion, but then I decided that if people are to discuss a book, they really need a book, and they can’t buy it to discuss it to get a free copy. Is that sentence long and unclear enough?

So, to get a free copy of one or more of the Consider Christianity series, e-mail me with the following:

If you are chosen to receive some books, I’ll ask for your snail-mail address at that time.

I have no idea what the response will be, as I’ve never tried something like this before. If there are more entries than I have books, I’m going to choose in categories, and then take a first come, first served approach amongst those who are best qualified, which means essentially that other than fulfilling the categories I’m going to do my best to be fair.

Categories are:

  • Secular bloggers who would like to challenge the contents
  • Christian bloggers from other apologetics approaches. Elgin uses evidentiary apologetics, and it would be nice to get a pressupositional response
  • Christian blogger likely to be supportive to some extent
  • Small, low-traffic blogs (I’m not that high traffic myself!), that show promise

I’ll fill these categories first. If I get a very good response, and the discussion looks good, I reserve the right to add a set or two sent to people who either expand the range of ideas or who have particularly interesting blogs.

I think you can guess at this point that the whole idea here is to generate discussion of Elgin’s books. I have a mercenary interest in this and I don’t claim otherwise. But I do think these books are worth discussing, and I think you will benefit from the debate.

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