Measuring the Speed of a Meme

Measuring the Speed of a Meme

Acephalous wants to measure the speed of a meme so he can report it at the MLA meeting. Now Well, I’m supposed to explain what’s going on here, and persuade all my readers to also link to the post, even going so far as to invent sob stories. Acephalous will be measuring links to his post every 10 minutes.

Now personally I think the best sob story is that this is an excellent way to get links, but even if that were so (and his site does look like a serious, interesting site), he’d certainly deserve to succeed with such a creative plan.

So whether it’s for science, or to reward a very creative link gathering plan, how about linking to him. Besides, you too will get to be a tiny part of a statistic used to advance science!

Just link to this post, and ping Technorati, which you very likely do anyhow.

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