Response on United Methodist Apportionments

Response on United Methodist Apportionments

Some time ago I posted an entry that dealt broadly with apportionments and accountability in churches. A very good friend of mine, Dr. Bob McKibben, author of Holy Smoke! Unholy Fire!, which I publish, wrote me an impassioned and information filled e-mail in response. Some of the contents of that e-mail were not appropriate to post publicly, but I asked Bob to edit it, and he was willing.

Bob is pastor of Pine Forest United Methodist Church, in the Pensacola District of the Alabama-West Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church.

I have now persuaded him to become an occasional contributor to the Pacesetters Bible School news blog, and as his first posting we will have Inspired and Empowered – Apportionments and Connectionalism. I’m posting a link here because I’m hooked into the Methodist blogosphere, while Pacesetters Bible School, as an interdenominational organization, is not so linked.

Head over there and check it out. Please comment there.

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