Rounding Up the Moderate Christian Blogroll

Well, here I go again. These are a bit irregular, but I do like to call attention to particular post. As usual the blogs are listed in the order they appears on the aggregator when I displayed it, except that my own blogs are listed at the end. Most blogs have only one post listed, but I may list more than one where they are of particular interest. This post will be cross-posted on the Pacesetters Bible School Newsletter and Threads from Henry’s Web. This one’s going to be a bit briefer than normal, so if I get the point wrong, be sure to comment. I know you will anyhow!

Peter Kirk and I have already linked to one another quite a bit on the ESV and Pastor Mark Driscoll’s explanation of the theological basis for its use at Mars Hill Church. Peter has also written something more favorable to Driscoll regarding God’s “maleness” as metaphor.

Donny Prater is talking about his son’s reaction to the power rangers.

Allan Casilao is Celebrating Marriage.

Jay Voorhees reports on a gathering of Methobloggers at The Internet is our Parish.

Jedidiah at Everyday Liturgy is still meditating on the wonder of the incarnation.

Donny Pauling explains to us how his house has become a God Den.

Bill Vernick thinks a number of regulations that government claims are to protect us are perhaps less beneficial than one might wish in Is the Cart Before the Horse?.

Kievas Fargo reflects on the first week of the New Year, and rejoices that his church is recognizing that prayer should be at the center of everything they do.

Molly has joined the discussion of literal translation and also some of the gender language involved, and considering she says some nice things about my own posts I really had to link to it!

Eddie Arthur was glad to hear an old song, but while he has “no objection to people having the liberty to proclaim any sort of lifestyle or religion they want” he is concerned that Christians also be able to freely express their views.

The Pen of the Wayfarer tells us about the Martyrdom of Polycarp.

gavin richardson reports on the internet is our parish conference in this a several more posts.

Bruce Alderman has started bringing us his principles of interpretation.

My own time has been occupied bringing reports of the new by-laws adopted at the November annual board meeting for Pacesetters Bible School, and calling for nominations from Pacesetters members for the Bible Pacesetter Award, now to be given annually. On Threads from Henry’s Web, I jumped into the discussion of theology and the ESV, pretty much with both feet, and I added something to that debate on my Participatory Bible Study Blog. Finally, on the Jevlir Caravansary, I provided a brief note on the Lord Meren Mysteries by Lynda S. Robinson, and which are set in ancient Egypt.

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  1. Henry:

    I am curious; what qualifies here as a moderate Christian? Is it theological? Political? Both. Can you gie some specifics?

    I am not looking to take issue with your notion of moderate. I am just curious.


  2. Two sources on this:

    1) The Moderate Christian Blog Aggretor Standards and . . .
    2) My blog entry Moderate Thinking.

    The key for the blog aggregator is self-identification, though there could be blogs that would be rejected for the roll/aggregator because they clearly do not fall under any reasonable definition of moderate. No such blogs have applied, however.

    I’m often called a liberal. “Passionate moderate” is my self-identification. I don’t contest the liberal label when it is applied to me by others.

  3. Thanks, Henry. I appreciate your response.


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