Building Your Knowledge of Greek Grammar

When I took second year Greek, the grammar to use in getting beyond basic introductory material was Dana and Mantey’s Manual Grammar of the Greek New Testament which is very hard to get. But as a replacement, and also a considerable improvement, we now have Daniel B. Wallace’s Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics.

For those who are just trying to build their knowledge of Greek a bit, it is probably not best to try to read or study through a grammar. There can be a benefit in doing so, and I have read Wallace’s grammar through, but it can be a daunting task unless you already read Greek fairly well and also truly like studying grammar. But you don’t have to take such a boring approach! One of the best features of this and all other New Testament reference grammars is the scripture index.

You can get started building your grammar knowledge by looking up the verses that you read in the index. This will mean that some days you will have nothing to look up, while on other days you will have several verses. Once you look up the specific page on which the verse is referenced be sure to go back and read the entire section. Don’t be put off if you don’t follow the whole thing. Over time you’ll get to understand the material better.

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