9-11 Links

9-11 Links

I want to link to a few posts from other blogs, both from the Moderate Christian Blogroll and from other blogs to which I subscribe.

Crossinator remembers his day on 9/11/01.
Through a Glass Darkly gives us a relevant quote from the Gettysburg address.
Tom Sims reminds us of both positive and negative things that have come from that day.
Levellers is observing a day of blogging silence.

And the following don’t have anything to do with 9/11, but I wanted to mention them anyhow:

Bruce Alderman is not going to be raptured and Christine is giving us more nifty poetry with a great picture.

I wrote the devotional for my wife’s devotional list, and though I didn’t plan a 9/11 theme, one jumped out, grabbed me, and made me insert it. It is here.

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