Lectionary Category

I have added a category “Lectionary” to all the (relevant) blogs to which I contribute. That includes my big three (see the sidebar) along with a couple of group blogs, one merely shared with my wife.

Some years ago before I had a blog I tried to keep up with creating a new page each week on the lectionary texts for a couple of weeks ahead. I didn’t keep up with it for very long. Since then, I have continued to use the lectionary texts in my devotional reading, and occasionally I write something about them. I notice that this has been increasing.

So what I have done is modified my lectionary page on Energion.com to reflect an RSS feed of all these lectionary entries. I left the index to the older pages there in case someone wants to look at any of the old passages.

There will be an explanation on the page soon of the type of entry to expect on each of the blogs in question.

This doesn’t really reflect a change in blogging. It’s just a new tag and a new aggregator to present the material in a bit more organized of a fashion.

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