Tracking Evolutionary Change

Evolutionary science is so much bigger, so much deeper, so much more interesting than its opponents (understandably) will admit. It’s more complicated than Michael Behe or Bill Dembski let on, and yet it’s not that hard to follow, for those who are willing to try. The best papers by evolutionary biologists are endlessly fascinating and scientifically superb, and reading them is stimulating and fun.

That’s how Dr. Stephen Matheson opens his excellent post They selected teosinte…and got corn. Excellent!, illustrating the process of evolutionary change from teosinte to corn. This is some excellent science writing for non-specialists (like me). It’s easy to follow and clear.

Everyone on both sides of the issue should go read it. (HT: Panda’s Thumb)

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  • Hey, thanks for the link and the plug! And thanks for your work on The Panda’s Thumb. I have your blog on my blogroll, and I’ll be trolling your posts and your site for good blogs by Christians. They’re not that easy to find…