You Might be a Fundamentalist If . . .

John at Shuck and Jive has some ideas on how to identify a fundamentalist, especially if that’s YOU. I’m thinking his standards are a little tougher than mine, but his are a bit closer to a “dictionary” definition, always provided you locate just the right dictionary.

I’ve been enjoying Rev. John’s blog lately, though he’s off to my left. But it’s a good relief from reading people to my right who annoy me!

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  1. john shuck says:

    Hey Henry! Thanks for the link to my blog and I am glad to have found yours. Like your definition of moderate on your who am I link?

    My hunch is that you might NOT be a fundamentalist?

  2. Oh, I’m Henry the Heretic–nuff said?

  3. Kievas Fargo says:

    I can go with about three and a half out of five 🙂

  4. Sherry says:

    Like your take on things. I found you from Blogrush. You might like my blog as well. We fight the good fight against fundies too.

  5. Timothy says:

    Rev Shuck has his own blog and this is good. America and free speech are blessings. However, he is beating the liberal drum of anti-fundamentalism again. Good golly, his fellow libs should figure out a way to keep their churches from declining. Maybe they need some fundamentalist to show them how to get more people in church to hear the “Good News”.

    I am not a fundamentalist. I survived the experience and moved on. Congregationalism fits more with my theology now. Regardless, I find this war between fundamentalism and liberal theology interesting. One troubling note though. It appears that liberal theologians and secularist are getting into bed together and forming a loose alliance to attack various religious symbols, especially Christian symbols, in the public square. This is from Time Magazine:

    “For all their zeal and all their drives, ministers of the Presbyterian Church in the U. S. A. got only 65,147 new communicants in the year ending last March 31—31,822 fewer than the year before. The Presbyterian membership list stood at 1,959,923, a decline of 27,368 communicants. All this was reported last week by the church’s Stated Clerk, Rev. Dr. Lewis Seymour Mudge”.

  6. I find the argument that liberal churches are somehow bad because they are declining in membership a bit odd. I was under the impression that we, as Christians, didn’t think truth was determined by numbers.

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