Florida Science Standards Debate Heats Up

Florida Science Standards Debate Heats Up

I can’t seem to keep up with everything that’s happening in the debate about science standards here in Florida, but Brandon Haught, our Florida Citizens for Science communication director (I’m a board member) is doing an excellent job on the FCfS Blog.

In particular, I’d like to call attention to two blog posts there:

Those not in favor of good science education, raise your hand. These folks have identified themselves in opposition to the science standards. There are those who will say they are not opposed to good science standards, just the ones on evolution. It is impossible to have good science standards without learning to understand evolution. Make no mistake. Those who oppose the explicit and prominent presence of evolution in the biology standards are not favoring good science education, and their motives are not scientific.

Here’s why you need to get involved. This looks at how the opposition is getting organized on this point. We’ll meet many of the same old anti-science forces gathering for the fight here.

I will continue to keep folks updated on the Florida debate, though mostly through linking to the excellent work Brandon is doing on the Florida Citizens for Science blog

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