ADELFOI = Brothers and Sisters

I’m probably beating a dead horse to death, but I encountered the following quote in reading Victor Paul Furnish’s commentary on 2 Corinthians:

. . . adelphoi is used quite inclusively by Paul when he addresses a congregation; he is thinking of all those, female as well as male, who are in Christ. . . . (p. 112, on 1:8)

Since I’ve discussed this before, I’m going to be brief. This is simply another fine scholar telling us what should be quite obvious. Adelfoiwas used to address audiences that included both genders. There is no need to imagine just how much Paul was addressing one group or another. In modern English, the standard is becoming “brothers and sisters” to address that same type of group.

I think this should be a relatively uncomplicated issue, but certain theological positions seem to complicate it.

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