Biblical Studies Carnival XXXV Posted

Biblical Studies Carnival XXXV Posted

. . . at Abnormal Interests.  Besides the fact that I have a post from my Threads blog listed, there are a couple of major sections that are particularly worth taking a look.

First, there are numerous posts relating to recent discoveries relating to the history of Israel.  Duane did a great job of showing the diversity amongst the Biblioblogs and you can follow links from those to get a fairly complete current picture.  Much of this material needs further study (what doesn’t?) and it’s going to be fun to watch.

Second, there’s a pretty good roundup of the rather good recent discussions on the historical Jesus.  I’m behind on reading these myself, even though my current reading from good old fashioned books is on the same topic.  Or perhaps it’s because.

In any case, check the carnival out.  It’s worthwhile.

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