Biblioblogs Rankings

Biblioblogs Rankings

Someone new has provided Alexa rankings for the Biblioblogs for the month of December.  Joel Watts suggests passing this around in order to keep up the competition.  I think it would all be fun if less people fought over the whole thing.   It’s a bit of fun competition based on some rather loose stats, not a life and death struggle.

4 thoughts on “Biblioblogs Rankings

  1. I am a graduate student in theology and a newcomer to the “blogosphere”.
    I was wondering, how does one grow in readership, so that I might have some
    substantial conversations via my blog, as opposed to its being relegated to
    “online journal” status? Love the site!


    1. I’m not one of the big players amongst the biblioblogs, but my recommendation is to write about things you’re passionate about, link to other bloggers who write about those topics, and comment constructively on various blogs you find interesting.

      Over time, other people who have more traffic will link to you. Patience is required, however. It takes time.

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