Contest and Possible Blogswarm

Contest and Possible Blogswarm

Well, it may not be as spontaneous as all that.  And with that, commercial warning …

My company, Energion Publications, is sponsoring a contest and inviting people to blog about Christianity during Consider Christianity Week,  (March 21-27) which is the project of one of my authors, Elgin Hushbeck, Jr.  You can get full details on

For the blogswarm, we will link to each post of which we are notified that fits into a Consider Christianity Week topic from both the company blog and from  This means at least two links for each post.  In addition, I personally will be trying to link to each from this blog and my Threads blog with some sort of classification and a bit of commentary.

Please note:  This isn’t just for Christians.  We will link to posts opposing Christianity as well as to those supporting it.  When I link here, my preference will be for posts which are in conversation with one another.

The contest involves one particular question, with a $50 Barnes & Noble gift card to the best (by popular vote) post in the affirmative, and another to the best post in the negative.  Again, see for details.

I know the fact that this is company sponsored may keep some folks away, but I would certainly appreciate any publicity you can give.  I’d like to see a good number of posts on Christianity linked together.

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