The Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon Site

The Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon Site

(Edited July 10, 2018 to update link.)

I discovered this site some time ago and have used the Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon site it as a reference before, but P. J. Williams on Evangelical Textual Criticism reminded me today that it’s nice to link to and recommend resources such as this.

You have to be ready to do a bit of work to find what you want but there are some wonderful resources, including lexical information and texts linked to a lexical breakdown.  For someone like me, who uses Aramaic occasionally, and thus lacks some of the best library materials, this site is extremely helpful.

Spend a little bit of time scouting around and looking for the options.  The information on how to use it is there; it’s just not always obvious.

5 thoughts on “The Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon Site

  1. The Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon is a really incredibly study tool. It has a wealth of texts, and the morphological analysis of the texts is really incredible. It really pays to spend a lot of time browsing the options and seeing what is available, because there really is masses of Aramaic material. It could do with a User Guide to explain about everything that is available for Aramaic fans.

  2. I was first turned on to the aramaic stuff from a book by Andrew Gabriel Roth. He wrote a 2 volume (very small and practical actually) set on the aramaic origins of the new testament. I thought it was real decent. Especially his first volume. Thanks for reminding me about this site

  3. When I navigated to the Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon site via the link in your blog posting, a pop-up appeared advising me that my browser was out-of-date, and the dialog box defaulted to UPDATE . I clicked CANCEL , but my antivirus program warned me of an incoming virus (which, happily, it blocked).

    Just thought you would like to know… Vince Otten

    1. I got a 404 not found. They appear to have rearranged the site just a bit. I have no idea on the virus. My antivirus doesn’t seem to see anything.

      I have corrected the link to fit their current structure.

  4. me guataria saber como se escribe “papá” y “mamá” en arameo.gracias. i`d like to know how to write “dad” & “mum” in aramaic.thanks

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