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  1. Nice – and way ahead of me – and some of them are doing exactly what I want to do and more. I must explore these. Thanks for the list.

  2. Free verse by verse Bible study !!!!
    Conservative, evangelical exegesis using
    1. history
    2. context
    3. original word meanings
    4. syntax-grammar
    5. genre
    6. parallel passages
    These Bible studies emphasize the original inspired authors’ intent (one
    meaning) and then attempts to offer possible applications (significances).
    These free Bible studies are available in video, audio & written formats.
    Please look at and if you like it a free Cd-rom
    is available upon request which contains all of the written material.
    Please remember that no one agrees completely with any commentary. They
    are meant to be thought provoking, not definitive!
    I am making this life’s work available free to be a blessing to the body
    of Christ. I was teaching at an OMS seminary in Haiti several years ago and
    I felt the Lord say to my heart”make them available free”. I am trying to
    follow that “word”. If you feel comfortable share this website address with
    others interested in Bible study.
    Dr. Bob Utley
    Professor of Hermeneutics (retired)

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