Do We Need More English Bible Translations?

Allan Bevere suggests we don’t, and we need to stop making them.  I’ve had a poll about this on this blog for over a year (now on the lower left of the footer), and the results are interesting:

[poll id=”2″ type=”result”]

I will be closing that poll and substituting another one.

I would prefer that we cut down on the production of new English Bible versions, though I’d be more interested in seeing less editions of the Bible. The problem is deciding who doesn’t get what they want.

I suspect that what is needed is a simple change–simple in concept but difficult to effect–in our attitude in the American church. This isn’t about us, it’s about the world. We need to be looking outward, to get a mission attitude. That might well bring us into more balance on many, many topics.

I have a great appreciation for those companies that dedicate part of their revenue from printing English Bibles to producing new translations.

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  1. Continue to produce English Bible since most people can read and understand English. Though it has already enough supplies of English Bible but there are still lots of people who don’t have their own Bible.

    But we all know that such decision making is not likely to happen since there are still people who don’t want to own one maybe unless it is translated to their own language. I’m always pleased when publishers put money into Bible translation.

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