Life Application Study Bible Giveaway

For participation in a previous contest, Tyndale House has sent me a certificate for one free copy of the Life Application Study Bible (NLT), which they say is the #1-selling study Bible.

I’m happy to be able to provide someone with a copy of an NLT. I’m going to do this a bit differently this time. I’m not going to just select a random commenter. Rather, I’m going to ask you to give me a maximum of 140 word application to life drawn from any portion of Genesis 11:10-32. I will randomly select one of every qualified entry.

You can enter as many times as you want to, provided you provide a different life application. I’ll disqualify any entries that are more than 140 words. The word count will use the standard English concept of a word. For example, this paragraph contains 46 words.

I’m going to give everyone tw0 weeks, so I’ll make my selection February 7, and mail you the certificate.

Thanks to Tyndale House for providing this certificate, and for publishing the NLT in many fine editions.

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