Grow a Scriptural Faith – For Your Kids

Grow a Scriptural Faith – For Your Kids

The joint blog through the book Almost Christian by John Meunier and his daughter continues with Parents Matter Most. I must recommend this series again, because both participants are making excellent points and being quite open about spirituality. You can follow the links in the various posts.

A key takeaway line this time:

Neither grows a scriptural teen faith. Because the solution isn’t to barricade kids or to throw them to the sharks. It’s for the adults to grow a scriptural faith, too [emphasis mine].

Who knew? 🙂

I don’t think the problems with Christianity are hard to find. We have students who want to learn to understand their Bibles but don’t want to be bothered reading them during the week, people who want active prayer lives, provided they don’t have to pray, and parents who want their children to be in church, but who don’t want to model spirituality for them. I must confess to weakness in the latter two items as well, and on occasion in the first! This isn’t a rant in which I can point fingers.

I point again to Psalm 78, especially verses 5-8. The scriptural pattern is there. Why not follow it?

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