How David Ker Made Me Read Jim West

David Ker has written a book, and it has lots of pictures of hippos in it. Since my very favorite song is “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas,” this means that I truly adore the book. Besides, I’m only about a decade late taking notice of it.

Now I haven’t actually read the book, but I read most of the blog posts that went into it, and I enjoyed them. I have duly downloaded it so I can peruse it in an orderly fashion.

But it was the fact that Jim West called the book “gas from a hippo’s backside” that really made me go and download it. I think, however, that David Ker lied to me (horrors!) and Jim didn’t actually write all that nasty stuff about his book. So I’m truly disappointed. No, that’s not right. Make that impressed!

I always tell my authors that a truly nasty review is great for publicity. But to write one yourself, and credit it to a creatively credible culprit (not to mention creedally correct [see depravity)–that’s genius!

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  1. jim says:

    he’s diabolical

  2. David Ker says:

    I was rather proud of myself for that. And yes, bad publicity is some of the best kind. That’s why I put the word “controversial” in the blurb of my book in hopes that someone would get upset about it. 🙂

    Please check the version of the book you downloaded. The first page should say Version 12.April.2011. It is a much improved edition with far-fewer things that will make an editor like you groan and gnash your teeth. The downside is that I’ve drastically reduced the number of hippo glyphs.

    1. Well, you know that the the reduction in the number of hippo glyphs is a serious issue! It might just cause me to write a really negative review. 🙂

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